Leadership Then and Now

Since the birth of civilization, leadership has always been a necessity for survival. This was as true in Biblical times as it is today. Explore at Neot Kedumim the biblical models of leadership. Who were the ideal leaders and what does herding sheep have to do with leading people? Most significantly, what can the Bible tell us about contemporary leadership issues?

For answers to these questions and more, we are proud to introduce The Neot Kedumim Center for Leadership Development in the Footsteps of Nature and the Bible


Our unique, experiential programs combine the land, the biblical texts, modern management and organizational theory.

    Programs are adaptable to
  • Groups of all ages
  •  Schools
  • Congregations
  •  Professional or volunteer staff groups
  • Your particular group

Create your program from these modules in Hebrew, English, French, German, or Russian:

Field work
Discover which biblical plants represent human qualities including pride, humility, flexibility and perseverance. You will also enjoy hands-on activities such as making za'atar spice from hyssop.

Leaders of the flock
Try your hand at shepherding a small herd of sheep and goats. Through this activity you will understand why many Biblical leaders, including Moses and David led animals before leading people.

With nothing more than a map, a compass, and teamwork, you will search for relevant plants, landscape features, and agricultural installations.

Seeing the light
Light, the first element in Creation, is highly evocative in the Bible. With your own hands, create light in the darkness to enlighten yourselves and one another.

Biblical catering
Which team can prepare the best meal from basic supplies and wild plants?

The daily grind
The transition from hand-operated to water-operated flour mills was a technological and organizational revolution. Work the mills, bake bread, and learn about the importance of grain and the biblical story of Samson.

Water, water
Draw water from an ancient cistern, using a reconstructed water wheel, and gain insights into group dynamics.

Landscape labyrinth
Find your way through a network of paths while gathering edible leaves, creating useful objects, and learning about the leadership qualities of the Joshua, who led the Children of Israel into the Land of Israel.

Outdoor training
Discover group dynamics through activities on a log, a wooden stage, and a rope "spiderweb."

Tasting the Bible
Shepherds' snack and/or festive biblical-style meal.

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