While the word "ecology" was completely unknown in Biblical times, the ideals of preserving the land and safeguarding the relationship between people and the earth are found throughout Biblical texts.

As the only creatures created in the divine image and given the task of "tilling and tending" (Genesis 2:15), we are charged with protecting the earth's ability to nurture all life. At Neot Kedumim, we practice soil and water management in the spirit of this biblically ordained stewardship.

An internationally recognized model of restoration ecology, Neot Kedumim has transformed 625 acres of once-barren hills into a microcosm of Israel's varied and contrasting landscapes. By careful attention to soil composition, irrigation, and drainage, habitats were created for such varied species as cedars from the snow-covered mountains of Lebanon and date palms from Sinai desert oases. This formerly desolate tract of the Judean foothills now thrives in pastoral beauty.

We invite you to explore:
• On-the-ground management: reservoirs, catchment basins, irrigation lines, and terraces
• Ecological concepts in the Bible:
o The Sabbath and the sabbatical of the land
o Laws of gleaning and tithes
o Protection of fruit trees
o Biodiversity

To design a special ecological tour for your group, please contact the Reservations department.

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