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Biblical Hospitality

Biblical Hospitality at Neot Kedumim

‏You are invited you to a magical evening of special Biblical Hospitality in Abraham's Tent at Neot Kedumim.



The evening opens with a panoramic view of the sunset over the deer farm.  Herbal tea will be served


18:00 – 19:00

‏Guided biblical tour led by our forefather Abraham – an actor dressed in the clothing of our ancestors will relate stories of the Bible and of our forefathers

19:00 – 20:00

‏Biblical dinner in the style of Abraham



‏Topics for the Tours:

  • Tour based on the biblical book "Song of Songs"
  • Tour based upon the daily life in biblical times, during which you will visit ancient agricultural installations
  • At sundown there is a tour along a lighted path
  • Tour of the reserve regarding the "blossoming" of leaders from the field, during which time we will use the plants as a basis for learning about leadership

‏ • The package is for a minimum of 20 participants.
‏ • Prices are Net to Neot Kedumim and are not subject to VAT.
‏ • The meals are provided by an outsourced company therefore the price includes VAT.

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